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My name is Chris Hamilton and I am a 20+ year veteran of sales and marketing. I have assisted numerous companies over the years in increasing sales and broadening their marketing.

The reason I started Sales Tip A Day is that I have been in sales and marketing for such a long time and I have seen and done a lot over the years. I wanted to share the information I have gleaned with people to make their lives easier. So when you are reading my posts, please remember, the information and advice is from my perspective and you may not always agree with it. I always want people to add comments or put information in the comments section so that they can share their experiences or wisdom and help others out.

I always like to hear from people, so please feel free to email me or connect with me on Linked In.

If you need help on anything please feel free to contact me and I will see how I might be able to help you.

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